What is life?

So as I sit here in my home, I frequently think to myself “What is the purpose of life?”. Now there are many arguments to this statement. Some say life is meant to spread knowledge and procreate. Other say there is no purpose to life.

My take on life

As I usually mention, I’m a pleb. I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and I can’t impact the world single handedly. Once I’m dead nothing will carry on. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try though.

I personally believe that life is what you make of it. Each individual person should strive not only for their own happiness but others as well. Now I’m not saying to go out of your way for every person you meet…. but if you do it frequent enough, you can make impacts. They may be simple little things but they could brighten a persons day.

I live my life, day by day, as if every day is my last. Now that doesn’t mean I do wreckless things because I could die at any moment. That means that I make every moment count. I try to stay positive and up-beat in everything I do, and it shows.

Whenever I meet new people I always do it with a smile. I never know what the other persons life may look like. I don’t know someone elses turmoils are. That doesn’t matter though! If you meet a new person and show up with a smile, it can change their whole day.

Happiness is contageous. It spreads when there is enough of it around and it’s powerful as well. I personally can remember where just being a happy person changed a persons entire perspective on life. So… I’ll tell you about it!


So this specific person I’m reffering to is a coworker of mine. Now I have only met this person a handful of time but I could see her eyes were only just opening. She was maybe 20ish and whenever I saw her I could see her trying to hide some kind of pain.

One day I was at work, doing work stuff… and I noticed this girl was super upset. So, me being the jolly giant I am asked her what’s wrong. Oh pleb was I not prepared for what happened next. She just broke down.

I offered my shoulder to cry on, and I asked her if she would like to talk about it. She was hesitant, but she obliged. After discussing all of her issues it was clear to me that she had self-esteem problems from the people in her life. I offered to spread my view on life and how I stay so happy.

I explained that I:

  1. Never let another persons opinion define you
  2. Never let the past eat you’re present
    • It happened and nothing will change
    • If a person cares enough they’ll let it go
  3. Never value yourself less than the best
  4. Don’t worry about the future as it can change in any moment
  5. Love yourself more than anything else in the world
  6. Lastly, live every day and every moment as it is beautiful no matter what happens!

After explaining all of this to her, she realized something. She spent all of her life trying to appease other people. Now I don’t know about you but that is not easy. People are normally never happy even with what they get.

She realized her life is about her. No one else, just her. Ever since we had our little chat she holds her head high. Nothing can stomp this kids spirit and I loved seeing her transition to self empowerment.

This whole thing started by extending a hand to someone.

Be a good person

The big take away here is that if you want to live a good life? Be a good person. I believe spreading positivity and compassion is the meaning of life. We are each but 1 of 7,000,000,000 people on this planet. Instead of fighting each other over pety differences, embrace everything for what it is and move on with new knowledge.

Now remember, I am nothing more than a pleb. So take all of what I say as you wish. I am just a pleb living their life and making it the best that I can!

Have a good one!

Beautiful picture of nature I took 😀

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